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This set of flashcards currently contains over 40 words and phrases for learning NumPy-related topics. This is based off of the work done by NumPy Developers on their glossary. It contains a whole series of definitions that they made for their documentation. We ported this to make the flashcards so you can use them to get started!

Like Learn X in Y Minutes we want this to be a very community driven project so if you want to make your own flashcards to learn a different language go to GitHub and make a pull request!

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The flashcards uses an app called Anki which is an open source app available on all platforms (Android, IOS & all desktops) which is based on spaced repetition. We like this app as you can add images, audio and much more to each card. It also encourages you to spend more time revising the things that you don't know than revising the things that you do. It includes a very good section on statistics so you can see analysis on your progress on the topic that you're learning.

Getting Started

First you will need to download Anki on your preferred device. View the download section of the website.

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Then you will need to download the Flashcards

NumPy Glossary Flashcards

Now you will need to import the deck either from the app or by opening the file from your downloads and selecting the Anki app for your device.

You can now start learning!

If you're new to Anki or an expert feel free to watch our video on an introduction to Anki to review the basics.


Please note the modifications which have been made & where you can find updates.

  1. The front of every card has "(NumPy Glossary)" appended to the end so that if you have any other words in your collection, the NumPy's Glossary definition will still be added when importing it.
  2. The original relative URLs have been made into full URLs so they are clickable within Anki.
  3. Any updates, translations or corrections to the deck will be available at so do return periodically to check if you have the latest version.

Feel free to share the deck and give the repository a star so more people are likely to see this work and can get the most out of it.

Potential Improvements Yet to be Made

  1. To find a way to systematically pull the definitions from the glossary so that any corrections or additions are automatically updated.
  2. To be able to automatically sort the cards so that the words which are used most in the glossary (or the documentation as a whole) is displayed first for the user to learn.
  3. To translate the deck into different languages so people around the world can learn about the topic. All translations will be found in the link above & we are happy to incorporate any translations that have been submitted.


Unless otherwise specified, everything in the flashcards is covered by the following license:

This work was based on the NumPy Glossary by NumPy Developers. Content is available under a BSD-3-Clause License.

To see this work in full go to


This set of flashcards is and always will be available for free to download and use from the links above. However we pour our heart and soul into making all of our educational material high quality and useful for our users. This includes sourcing, porting, documenting and testing. If you wish to monitarily support us for these specific flashcards you are free to do so using the form below!

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